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TIRASTEL is an experienced, dynamically developing company providing a wide spectrum of communication services. The Company was created 2002 in Wiesbaden, Germany. The goal was to facilitate the cooperation with partners around the world.

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Our activities

Network Design

Network design has a direct impact on your network performance, its capacity, reliability, predictability, and its potential for future growth. We help you design your network correctly so that it supports future expansion, runs at lower cost, enables optimal performance, and ensures great service quality.

Capacity & Throughput

We provide a full set of services for effective network extension, including statistical analysis, capacity demand forecasting and technical details of network capabilities.

Network Management

Our professional services and implementation expertise enable you to maximize convergence of network and IT, provide next-generation connectivity, deliver a compelling customer experience, and drive incremental revenue.

Network optimization

We follow the best practices to optimize the routing, switching, wireless and security infrastructure of your network, enabling better reliability and performance for an improved customer experience. Our deep technological expertise also helps us identify the gaps in network architecture and assess its readiness.

Network integration

By offering end-to-end network integration solutions, we ensure seamless connectivity of all the nodes in your network configuration, regardless of vendor and in line with your business plans. Our expertise in network integration reduces management support risks, minimizes start-up times for new networks, and eliminates service interruptions during network upgrades.

Network troubleshooting

Quick identification of network problems and troubleshooting them is essential for the smooth running of business. We help troubleshooting, you can spot network problems quickly, understand their cause, recognize their impact on the business and resolve them effectively in the least amount of time.

Network migration

You must roll-out or upgrade services fast and cost-efficiently to keep up with competitors, technology advancements and customer preferences. We can help you with:

  • Migration of network devices from end-of-support or end-of-life devices to new, possibly considerably different devices
  • Migration of individual network services from one platform to another (different generation or different vendor)

Network automation

We help automating configuration, provisioning, management, testing, maintenance and operation of a network and its devices.

Servers, Virtualization systems installation and administration

Upgrading your servers hardware and software based on your needs. Deployment virtualization systems, databases, software.

Our specialists

Cisco certified CCNP
Cisco certified CCDP
Cisco certified CCNA
Mikrotik MTCNA

We have experience with

Service provider networks

Design, implementing and troubleshooting big SP networks, based on Cisco, Huawei, Extreme, ALU, D-Link, Mikrotik equipment

Data center networks

Building high load DC networks, based on Cisco Nexus and UCS families and EMC storages

Wireless networks

Building complex WiFi networks with roaming on Cisco, Ruckus, Ubiquiti, Mikrotik equipment

Anti-DDOS and security

Configuration and maintenance Effective anti-DDOS systems, based on Arbor equipment (blackholing, flowspec)

Our partners

Deutsche Telecom
Level 3
UPC Liberty Global
Sparkle Telecom Italia

SLA and warranty

We provide Service Level Agreement that meets the technical gap of customer IT expertise areas. With the experience in multiple technologies and infrastructure scenarios, our technical resources can provide support more efficient, quickly and effectively. We follow technology vendor service level standards to understand and solve the incidents timely.

Tirastel GmbH System Integration team offers warranty and post-warranty services on all Hardware & Software related.



Rheingaustr. 53,
65201 Wiesbaden
Tel.: +49 611 88 096 - 0

Geschäftsführer: Dmitri Dietrich
Sitz der Gesellschaft: Wiesbaden
Register: HRB 21144, Amtsgericht Wiesbaden
USt-ID: DE235742962

TIRASTEL GmbH, a private limited liability company duly incorporated and organised under the laws of Germany whose registered office is at Rheingaustr. 53, DE-65201 Wiesbaden, duly represented by Dmitri Dietrich, Executive Director. TIRASTEL GmbH is registered at the main court in Wiesbaden with the number HRB 21144, the VAT numer is DE235742962. TIRASTEL GmbH is not responsible for the contents of linked sites.